Careers at Existent

We’re on a mission to build the tools that define spatial computing. We initially set out to realise a long held ambition of building a multiplayer VR experience that transcends into the physical world, our co-founders’ shared background in Theatre, Gaming, and Software Engineering was the perfect blend to make this a reality. It was while building this initial product that the team realised there isn’t a suitable, or quite frankly even enjoyable way of building these experiences, and so set out to build developer tools that solve all of the difficulties that come with creating VR and Spatial Computing experiences.

Fast forward to 2024, and we’ve built a team with great experience from companies like Deliveroo, Twitter, Amazon, ByteDance and more, all with a shared passion for solving hard problems and building tools that have never existed before, to define the landscape of Spatial Computing. Our incredibly talented team have been rapidly ideating, prototyping and experimenting with a tonne of complex tools, and what we have so far has been well received by everybody who has had access to it.

We’re just getting started, and are always looking for smart, empathetic people who enjoy the freedom and pace of startups to join us in shaping the next stage of our journey, as we continue to build the tools that make developing in the metaverse accessible and enjoyable.

Demo time at Existent Hq - the team checking out a new feature demo

Our team has previously worked at these great companies...

  • Twitter
  • Pico
  • Meta
  • Twilio
  • Deliveroo

Life at Existent

We’re an early stage startup, so our team thrives in situations where hard problems can be solved in creative ways. Our culture and values are based on a shared belief that good work gets done when diverse viewpoints are brought together. When growing the team, we focus deeply on finding people who enjoy the situations that arise in startups, where the finish line is defined, but the route to it isn’t. We think we’d be an almost perfect fit for those who enjoy building from the ground up, are good at getting things done, making mistakes and not being disheartened by them, and ultimately, we're a great place for people who enjoy contributing to a company culture built on collaboration, ownership, thinking outside the box, and having fun!

As a leadership team, we’re incredibly transparent by default and strive to build a culture where everybody can voice an opinion and be heard; our door is always open to ideas and feedback on how we’re doing. We sit down over breakfast every Tuesday (because we don’t work on Mondays) to run through updates on the previous week and the week ahead, and we regularly go out for team socials.

  • New joiner welcome lunch
  • Post it notes from a retrospective
  • Team visit to Sandbox VR

Way of working

We’ve built a talented and diverse team and seek to continue in this vein. In order to make this happen, we offer a 4 day work week so every Monday is a paid day off. This has been phenomenally well received by the team; we haven’t slowed down at all in achieving our company goals, and it allows everybody to have an extra day in the week for themselves. Almost half of our team are parents, and this setup works particularly well for them. Our leadership team is hugely experienced in building and nurturing great teams, so we feel confident in being able to achieve our goals while giving everybody 20% of the standard working week back.

The trade off, and probably the only thing we insist on, is that everybody is able to work from our Studio in Gunnersbury for at least 3 out of the remaining 4 days per week. This isn’t going to be ideal for everybody, and that’s something we’re ok with. Ultimately, we believe great companies are built on a foundation of collaboration, and that happens more organically in person.

Perks and benefits

  • Competitive Compensation
    We pay competitively and everybody gets stock options. At a company this early in its journey, there can be a huge upside to your equity grant.
  • Hybrid Working
    We offer a 4 day working week and 1 day working from home, so you can work in a way that suits you.
  • Pension
    We provide an Employer Contribution of 4% to your workplace pension.
  • VR Hardware
    You’ll be given a Meta Quest 3 VR headset on your first day, which you can use for work and play.
  • Team Socials
    We have regular team lunches and often visit fun new immersive experiences in London.
  • Free Tuesday Breakfast and Stocked Fridge
    On Tuesday, we’ll provide the coffee, bagels and other breakfast essentials to ease you in to the start of a new week.
  • Twice Yearly Performance and Compensation Reviews
    We can’t claim to be built on fairness and transparency without this.
  • YuLife Wellness App
    Providing 24 hour access to GP consultations and an Employee Assistance Program to benefit your mental health, as well as retail discounts earned by staying active.

Our company values

    Ask questions, make mistakes and enjoy the lessons.
    Assume the best intentions of each other at all times.
    Always strive for the best possible end-user experience.
    Welcome all individuals and our wins are always team wins.
Existent's Studio

Our studio

Our Studio is based in West London, a short walk from Gunnersbury and Chiswick Park Underground stations and Kew Bridge Railway. There is plenty of parking available if you prefer to drive, and we can talk you through the process of buying a yearly parking permit for your vehicle.

In our space, you'll find everything you need to unwind and spark your creativity – from a variety of refreshments in the fridge to classic entertainment, it's a welcoming environment that fosters inspiration and collaboration.

Interviewing at Existent

Our first ever hire was our Head of Talent, this is because we’re aware that to build a great company, we need great people. We’ve put tons of effort into building a thorough interview process grounded in fairness and consistency, with scorecards, defined competencies, and a feedback loop built into each stage. Our hiring aim is to ensure that we hire the right people for the mission, all the while making our interview process as lightweight, informative, and enjoyable as possible for candidates.

Here’s what you can expect when entering our interview process. Some roles might follow a slightly different path, but in general this is our default format. You’ll know during your first conversation with us if the interview process takes a different path and what to expect if so.

Step One - If you’re selected for an interview after applying to a role, you’ll have a 30 minute video conversation with our Head of Talent. This is a great chance for you to learn more about what we’re doing, and an opportunity for us to learn more about you; what motivates you, how you would fare in a startup, and if you are aligned with our company values.

Step Two - After the call with our Head of Talent, you’ll move through to a technical interview with one or two members of the team to assess your technical skills and ability to carry out the day to day functions of the role you’re applying for. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions about the specific team, as your interviewers will be from the team you’ll potentially join.

Step Three - Our final stage is an interview with one or both of our co-founders. This is a values interview and serves as a final check that your motivations and values align with ours. This is a great chance for you to have a candid discussion about the future of Existent and the long term vision according to the founders.

Our Open Roles

2023 was a hugely successful year at Existent and we hired ahead of our goals. We’re taking the first couple of months of 2024 to pause hiring and really ensure our new starters are given a dedicated onboarding process that is truly world class. We’ll be back soon with open roles, but in the meantime, if you’d like to send us a speculative application, we’ll make sure it goes to the right place, ready to be reviewed when a suitable role becomes available.