Lost In Spatial?

Building XR applications is hard. There’s a vast array of exciting hardware, software and 3D content production tools but bringing those together into a coherent, highly present experience requires spending large amounts of your project budget on re-inventing the basics like player avatars, object interactions and hardware integration.

Lucky for you, Existent® exists.

Create and Iterate

Existent® is an end to end application framework for spatial applications integrated with Unreal Engine 5 that lets you start iterating and creating from day one with the basics in place: Your hardware of choice working together seamlessly and virtual people, places and things all in one place.

If you know your way around Unreal Engine and Blueprints, you are ready to create jaw dropping virtual reality applications of all kinds, in hours not months.


  • Player Body System: Choose 3 point, full body tracking or anything in-between alongside UE4 or Metahuman avatars without animation programming.
  • Hand Interaction System: Motion data, authored poses, game mechanics and machine learning combine for a quick, iterable process.
  • Out of the box Multiplayer: Easily add remote and colocated players and performers with built in calibration flows to ensure players feel comfortable in their virtual body.


  • Free Roam: Author experiences that are aware of and are accurately anchored to their physical environment allowing you to create virtual environments that perfectly integrate with the real world.
  • Safety Built In: Ensure players do not collide with each other, world obstacles or leave the play area.
  • Vehicles: Allow players to travel around large spaces in the virtual world with a powerful vehicle system that makes it easy to create all kinds of vehicles from elevators to player controlled spacecraft.


  • Physical Interaction: Combine inside-out HMDs with the flexibility of mocap systems to enable realistic interactions using physical objects accurately synchronised with virtual twin objects.
  • Live Performance: Seamlessly integrate live performance from performers in high fidelity motion capture suits.
  • Real to Virtual World Connection: Easily control real world devices such as, vibrating floors, fans and a multitude of IoT devices from within Unreal Engine, and trigger in-engine events with real world activity. Build powerful show running tools to create fast and efficient on-location experiences.


  • Session playback: Build, iterate and test without a headset by recording whole sessions then playing them back right inside Unreal Engine.
  • Real-time feedback: See the real-time positions of all tracked objects from inside the editor - no need to build/run the game.
  • Backstage Mode: Get access to powerful development tools from inside the headset. Read logs, look at performance data, navigate to any location without removing your headset.
Existent animation blueprint nodes

Cross Platform

Seamlessly integrates a growing selection of HMDs and motion capture equipment without having to rebuild or update your application.

  • HTC Vive
  • Pico
  • Optitrack
  • Tundra Labs

Build With Existent

Existent is not quite ready for general release but if your team is building an ambitious out-of-home virtual reality experience then apply for our Alpha Program. We’d love to consider you for early access.

A bank of HMDs

Partner With Us

We’re incredibly proud of how Existent can power next generation experiences across many sectors, from training, education and health to entertainment and gaming. We’re looking for industry partners to collaborate with in building some of these next generation experiences.

If you want to revolutionise the world of spatial computing and you need our help, get in touch.

Existent team working at a computer