Computing Is Becoming Spatial Computing

We envision a future where it's easy to create and spend time in infinite alternate realities that are just as compelling as our current one. We want to enable developers and creatives to build any world in which anyone can experience anything. Projects built on Existent will completely transform consumer expectation of spatial computing experiences.

Who we are

The driving force behind the co-founders was a shared passion for bringing extraordinary immersive experiences to life. Fuelled by this common desire, they united with a singular purpose: provide developers with the tools to bring their own incredible worlds to existence. Our wealth of diverse professional backgrounds - theatre, gaming, engineering, allows us to connect with and cater to the wide array of creatives and developers who would utilise our platform.

This diverse foundation gives us the means to develop a platform that speaks directly to the aspirations and requirements of a multitude of creators. We strive to empower every visionary, regardless of their background, to unleash their imagination and build extraordinary VR experiences with our powerful tools. This fusion of diverse professional backgrounds provides the backbone of the company and brings a unique frisson to working at Existent. Collaborating with individuals from different disciplines sparks fresh perspectives, fuels creativity and fosters a rich exchange of ideas.

Cofounders chatting at the board table